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Thank you for visiting my website dedicated to the wonders and sheer awesomeness of educational technology (aka edtech) and it’s potential to fundamentally change the way that we educate our future.  This page is built around the idea that edtech can be so much more than just a glorified instrument capable of remedial software programming and mindless point and click repetition, but a powerful extension of an individual that is capable of postulating your ideas, creating your dreams and driving our future.  

We must find a way to engage in this tool in more meaningful, creative and collaborative ways.  These tools have the potential to enrich, motivate, engage, expand and essentially change the perception that a student has on their education and their future.  By giving students and teachers more control over that central and vital process of learning.  

We live in an age overwhelmed with technological innovation and yet in education we seem so far behind.  Teachers want to engage in this new learning and I want to help you find the means, methods, resources and connections to make these edtech dreams come true!  So let us join together and get our edtech on!

Check back often as I enjoy updating the page!  


Mr. Macer



It was my great honor to have the privilege to present at this years ISTE Conference in Denver Colorado!  I walked away from the conference with a new found inspiration on where the classroom is headed and how technology and science are leading the way in this #edtech revolution.  Below you will find a symbaloo and Listly of the different sites for some of my favorite stuff shared at this years conference!

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Summer Institute iPad and Apps Session

Summer Institute Digital Storytelling Session

IU9 Summer Institute Tech Sessions

Tech and Learning 



Below are some of the projects that I am working on.

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